Mr. Benrud's Online Classroom

Important Information

  1. Log Into Google Drive
    • Username Format: 6-digit student ID#
    • Password Format: First Initial Last Initial 6-Digit Birthdate **
    • EXAMPLE: Todd Benrud ID# 123456 Born On May 9th 1975
      • Username: 123456
      • Password: (6-digit birthday)tb050975
      • **Password: (8-digit birthday)tb05091975
  2. Links to log into Schoology and Infinite Campus. Make sure you use your gmail account.
  3. NonGradeflow Work Submission: Student Work Submission Form
  4. Investment Portfolio Project links on Schoology. Follow the instructions and complete the tasks on GradeFlow.
  5. Use this helper document to copy and paste formulas for the Investment Portfolio.
  6. Dream Vacation Project: This is your final project and it consists of FOUR parts.
  7. Web Design Final Project: Sprint Requirements