Mr. Benrud's Online Classroom

IMPORTANT: First Day Activity

  1. Quick Class Overview and Classroom Rules.
    • 100% Hands-On Project-Based Instruction and Assessment.
    • No Textbooks, no paper, no tests, and no homework*.
    • No penality for late work and every assignment can be regraded.
    • General Behavior: Phones, food, drinks, bathrooms, and being respectful.
    • *Classtime will be provided for all work. You may have to complete work outside of class if you miss school or do not complete the work in the given time.
  2. Log Into Google Drive
    • Username Format: 6-digit student ID#
    • Password Format: First Initial Last Initial 6-Digit Birthdate **
    • EXAMPLE: Todd Benrud ID# 123456 Born On May 9th 1975
      • Username: 123456
      • Password: (6-digit birthday)tb050975
      • **Password: (8-digit birthday)tb05091975
  3. Log Into Infinite Campus using your gmail login credientials.
    • If your first last 6-digit birthday doesn't work, try your first last 8-digit birthday.
  4. Log Into Schoology using your gmail account.
    • Use your school gmail account to log into Schoology.
    • Find Day #1 Assignment For Your Class And Complete It.