Mr. Benrud's Online Classroom

Important Information

  1. Class Accounts: Infinite Campus | Google/Gmail | Schoology | GradeFlow
    • You must be able to login and use these websites every day to pass this class.
  2. Logging Into Google/Gmail:
    • Username Format: 6-digit student ID#
    • Password Format: First Initial Last Initial 6-Digit Birthdate **
    • EXAMPLE: Todd Benrud ID# 123456 Born On May 9th 1975
      • Username: 123456
      • Password: (6-digit birthday)tb050975
      • **Password: (8-digit birthday) tb050975
      • Initial log in for Infinte Camps is the same as above. You will access all other accounts with your GUHSD Google Login.
    • School Email: